12 Aug 2011

שבוע אמנות ישראלית -

Today’s 2 Adora images are the sixth in a series by prominent Israeli artists. They were created by illustrator and designer Efrat Hasson, who lives and works in Tel aviv, with her musician husband, Arnon and their cat. The top piece is a paper collage, and the bottom one is drawing with ink. During the day Efrat designs brands and packages and at nights she illustrates comics, posters and fashion. You are welcome to see her cool blog here.

תודה רבה, אפרת!

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Raising money for good deeds:

I am now accepting submissions from artists who would like to participate in this “Adora200 Project” and who will want me to make a donation to a charity of their choice in lieu of a fee. Please use the email on the sidebar for details. Thank you.

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